• AEGEAN COLLEGE offers in Greece a postgraduate programme of high standards which leads in the MSc in Early Childhood Education with Special Needs. 

          The programme has a total duration of 2 years and is targeted to a wide range of graduates and professionals such as educators, teachers, nursery teachers, school consultants and other professionals who work in sectors related to education such as psychologists and speech and language therapists.
          It is a flexible programme which offers the opportunity for specialisation in early years education with special needs. The programme concerns the education of children up to the age of 8 with difficulties like dyslexia, Specific Language Impairment or other impairments which might affect the learning process.

          Students of MSc in Early Childhood Education with Special Needs will have the opportunity to seek practical training placement at collaborative clinical settings.  

          Aegean College’s graduates of the MSc in Early Childhood Education with Special Needs have the opportunity to work with children with specific developmental-cognitive-neurological disorders, learning difficulties and special needs. They can offer their services at various work settings in the private and public sector and as self-employed professionals with recognized professional rights in nurseries, schools, special needs schools, rehabilitation centres, special education centres and centres for children with chronic health problems. They are also being prepared, in the best possible way, to be able to continue their studies at a doctoral level.

        • Programme Title

          MSc in Early Childhood with Special Needs

          Programme duration

          Part time - 2 years  

          Admission Criteria  

          BA/BSc Early Childhood Education, Pre-School Education, Nursery Services, Primary Education, Psychology and Speech and Language Therapy
          English: IELTS Level 6.5 or TOEFL score of 580 or 230 computer based (only for programmes taught in English)
          APL covers a wide range of professionals who offer services in the area of Education and Special Needs

          Further Studies 

          PhD programmes internationally

        • Applicants with relevant and substantial work experience, without qualifications may also be admitted to the programme.
          AEGEAN COLLEGE offers supportive English language classes for all students free of charge.
        • CORE UNITS 
          • Theories of Childhood and Education
          • Developing Leadership for Early Childhood
          • Contemporary Issues in Early Years Education
          • Multicultural Education and Multilingual Classes
          • Development, Learning and Curriculum in Special Needs
          • Identification and Education of Learners with Special Educational Needs
          • Research Methodology in Education
          • Post-Graduate Dissertation
        • The Aegean College facilities ensure normal and smooth operation of the educational process. The library, laboratories and classrooms meet the needs of students and faculty and provide unique conditions for the teaching and learning experience. The Aegean College computer labs provide wireless free connection to students, academic staff and visitors. Once enrolled, students receive access to detailed information related to their programme of study, through the college’s password protected intranet gateway (e-college). The system allows students to retrieve class presentations and notes, access set assessments, view academic calendar pertinent to their area of study, retrieve important bulletins posted by both academic and administrative staff at the college, ascertain valuable manuals supportive to their academic efforts as well as allow them to take part in academic fora. The E-College gateway facilitates both on-site and remote access in order to maximise academic benefits received.

  • 'For the past 8 years I have been an entrepreneur, as the owner and manager of a small private school helping individuals improve their computer skills. The decision to do an MBA program came naturally due to the nature of my job. I wanted to enhance my education and enrich my CV. Despite the heavily demanding nature of my job I was able to meet the high demands set by the program. A lot of personal time was sacrificed but it was more than worth it. The program’s syllabus covers every aspect of business administration with an excellent coherent structure.'

    Nikolaos Samaridis, MBA Leadership & Management Development

  • 'Coming to Greece to pursue my studies, l was a bit sceptic about cultural differences and if l was going to be able to adjust to the change. I picked Aegean Omiros Colllege to do my Masters because they offered what l wanted, and getting to the College the reception was overwhelming. The schedule was flexible; lectures were conducted in a professional approach, with adequate resources and support. The experience has been delightful with such a rich culture, warm reception and receiving all the support l needed.'

    Nomonde Ncube, MBA Leadership & Management Development with Accounting and Finance 

  • 'For the past 18 years I have been employed by a multi-national telecommunications organization and have felt that it was necessary for my career growth, to certify all the knowledge and experience I had accumulated and enrich them with new ones. Naturally, being married and having a child, along with high expectation from my current position, this effort has had a high cost in time and energy – one I believe is worth it. From the beginning, my collaboration with the College’s staff was excellent. I joined a diverse and skilled group of students, and the course program was within limits.'

    Petros Giannakopoulos, MBA Leadership & Management Development with Marketing

  • 'Having worked in a multinational organization for 10 years and wanting to enrich my knowledge as well as my exprerience, I decided that I had to continue my studies to the next level, with postgraduate degree.  I knew that I had to devote an important piece of my personal life since MBA has really increased demands. Aegean College’s schedule was truly well-structured and it gave me the opportunity to deeply understand the general operations of businesses regardless of their size and simultaneously to acquire better and complete picture of departments’ operations.'

    Anna Akrividi, MBA Leadership & Management Development with Human Resources Management 


Bachelors (Hons)