Aegean College offers an innovative postgraduate course in digital marketing and social media with expertise in statistical analysis tools (MSc in Digital and Social Media Marketing with Analytics) in collaboration with the Coventry University, one of Britain’s leading universities (Top 12 UK, Top 4% Globally).

Coventry University Aegean College

It is a multidimensional master addressed to business executives, but also to graduates of various disciplines wishing to develop excellent skills and knowledge in the field of digital marketing and social media marketing networking with emphasis on data analysis.

The curriculum is designed solely to connect academic education with practical application aiming at students wishing to meet the needs of the Greek and international market.

Students gain a solid foundation in digital marketing, understand the principles governing its operations and as the title holders they are able to pursue high-level jobs and responsibility.

With this particular postgraduate program two goals are achieved:

  1. students gain knowledge and deepen on a practical level concerning the labour market and
  2. watch a demanding program that provides them with the ability to monitor developments in an extremely dynamic and ever-changing field even after completion of their studies.

Indicatively, the graduate students of the program delve into very interesting objects such as:

  • Digital communication and Branding.
  • Techniques and tools.
  • Data analysis and decision making.
  • Development of corporate strategies, tactics.
  • Utilization data.
  • Segmentation of the public
  • Available digital options and evaluation
  • Delineating and understanding consumer behavior.

  • Top masters in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Greece offered in exclusive partnership with Coventry University (Top 4% of academic institutions in the world and 12th place of universities of Britain) and considerable upgrade of the curriculum of its holders.
  • The curriculum focuses on developing skills necessary for Digital Marketing Managers of modern business operating in a dynamic and globalised business environment.
  • Immediate professional absorption as the digital marketing is nowadays one of the most interesting objects of education with great demand in domestic and international labour market.
  • The evaluation of the course takes place with individual and group work, as well as with presentations based on case studies of small and medium-sized enterprises, multinational, public services and NGOS.
  • The curriculum is tailored to the requirements of workers (lessons in the evening on Fridays and Saturdays in the morning).
  • Sophisticated laboratories, library, reading room and classrooms fully equipped with supervisory instruments meet the needs of students and academic staff and provide ideal conditions for attendance.
  • Free English language learning courses, a second foreign language and computer use as free participation in seminars throughout the study.
  • The College maintains an active research and innovative academic community with the Research Centre for Aegean Research Center (ARC).

For the successful completion of the MSc in Digital and Social Media Marketing with Analytics, students should complete 180 credits/Credits the British educational system Level 7.

The curriculum is divided into three phases.

  • Marketing Strategy – 20 Credits.
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing – 20 Credits.
  • Digital Consumer Behaviour – 20 Credits.

  • Web and Social Media Promotion and Analytics – 20 Credits.
  • Digital Brand Management – 20 Credits.
  • Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing – 20 Credits.

  • Marketing Research Methods – 20 Credits.
  • Postgraduate Dissertation – 40 Credits.

Aegean College boasts modern facilities that ensure the proper function of the training project.

The laboratories, the library, the reading room and the classrooms with full visual means meet the needs of students and academic staff and provide excellent training conditions.

Graduates of the MSc in Digital and Social Media Marketing with Analytics acquire both the knowledge and the skills to work at a high level as specialized business executives of any kind and scale or as Freelancers.