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We are dedicated to supporting our students throughout their academic journey and beyond!

Induction week

During the first week of studies (induction week), students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their programme of study, College facilities and student professional support services available to them.

Induction week also gives students the opportunity to meet and greet key members of academic and administrative staff who will  provide support to students throughout their academic journey at the College.

Computer Skills Training 

Free of Charge

In support of enhancing computer skills literacy across our student body, the College offers all registered students the opportunity to take part in computing skills modules free-of –charge whilst studying at Aegean College.

Computer skills modules are available to students either through face-to-face contact, or should students prefer, on-line, through the College’s educational portal (e-leaning platform).

The College also provides students with the opportunity to certify their computing skills knowledge, upon completion of their training, by offering the state-recognised  KeyCert Certification examinations.

Foreign Language Learning 

Free  of  Charge  

In an increasingly globalized world, the attainment of foreign languages and especially, knowledge of the English language is a competitive advantage and a considerable strength on student C.V.s.

The College aims to provide its student body with the opportunity to become fluent in one or more of the foreign languages offered at the College as well as give them the opportunity to obtain certification in the corresponding language.

True to its core value of investing in the future, the College offers all registered  students, foreign language training free-of-charge, in one or more of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian


During induction week, students will be asked to sit an English language placement test, designed to evaluate and group English language competency ranging from A1 to C2 on the European Qualifications Framework.

In the case of less commonly requested foreign languages (e.g. Russian), the offer of training is dependent on minimum demand constraints.

Workshops – Lectures – Conferences

Aegean College strengthens students’ professional knowledge and understanding through the scheduling of year round educational seminars and scientific conferences and events.

Find out more about the College’s seminars and events here.

The College encourages its students, in collaboration with their Professors, to participate in similar events by presenting their research papers, projects and surveys carried out.

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