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Induction week

During the first week of studies (induction week) students get to know how the College works, visit the facilities and get familiar with  the academic requirements.

Students are also introduced to the subject of their studies and are informed about their course’s timetable, schedule of classes, assessment criteria and of course the academic support provided by the College.

Free Computer Classes

Students are encouraged to attend free computer classes while studying at Aegean College. Those who decide to attend the College’s computer classes have the opportunity to sit for the state-recognised KeyCert Certificate exams and acquire the respective computer use certification.

Students who wish to train on computers can also do that online through the College’s educational portal (e-leaning platform).

Free language learning

All students can, should they wish to, attend free language classes for one or more of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian

During induction week students are requested to sit a placement test especially designed to evaluate their level in English so they can be placed into groups corresponding to the six levels of English Language Competence from A1 to C2.

The College aims for all its students to be able to speak fluently at least one of the languages offered and have the corresponding language certificate to add to their CVs upon completion of their studies.

In the case of certain foreign language classes (e.g Russian) formation depends on the number of attendees.

Workshops – Lectures – Conferences

Aegean College provides its students with an all year round programme of educational seminars and scientific conferences. A series of events, lectures and speeches in which distinguished professionals from various disciplines participate are organised by Aegean College and offered to its students with the purpose of enhancing and widening their academic and professional knowledge.

The College encourages its students, in collaboration with their Professors, to participate in similar events by presenting their research papers, projects and surveys.

Learn more about the College’s seminars and events here.

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