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Degree Regognition

Aegean College offers degrees recognized by the Greek State and abroad.

Ministry of Education

Aegean College is an institution accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education (Government’s Gazette 1532/Β/27-07-2009) and holds a license to operate  (Government’s Gazette 1311/Β/24-08-2010).

Recognition by the Greek State

Degrees, awarded by overseas Universities to students that have completed their studies in an accredited Greek College, are recognised by the Greek State through the competent Board of the Ministry of Education (“SAEP” – Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications).

This Council is responsible to examine the degrees awarded by universities abroad in relevance to those awarded by home universities in Greece and verify whether they are equivalent in terms of the professional rights that are granted to their graduates.

As result of this procedure Aegean College’s graduates are able to assert positions of Higher Education graduates in the public and private sector, claim promotions or

salary rises, participate in programmes of “OAED” (Greek Manpower Employment Organisation) or other organisations and generally enjoy all employment rights of Greek State university graduates.

The Colleges’ degrees recognition by the Greek State is enforced by the Ministerial Decree 38/2010 that has been amended with Laws 4093/2012 and 4111/2013.

National Recognition Centre (NARIC)

Aegean College graduates, after the acquisition of their degree,  have the opportunity to gain additional certification from the British Organisation NARIC (National Recognition Centre), corresponding to the Greek qualification recognition body(DOATAP-HELLENIC NARIC)

NARIC is responsible for the recognition of qualifications of graduates who wish to work in Great Britain and is considered one of the most active recognition bodies of European Diplomas “.

These certificates confirm that the diplomas, undergraduate and graduate, awarded to graduates of Aegean College are absolutely equivalent to those granted to graduates of any British University after studying in Britain with regard to qualifications and academic rights.

NARIC’s certification ensures full recognition of European Diplomas “awarded to students of Aegean College. NARIC operates under the supervision of the Government of Great Britain and is the sole official source of information about the recognition of international qualifications.

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)

Universities and colleges delivering higher education within the UK are responsible for maintaining the academic standards of their awards.

The QAA is responsible for auditing the management of academic standards and quality assurance by universities and colleges within the UK on a regular basis, to ensure that the institutions are maintaining standards. Both Aegean College and its collobarotive University have undergone thorough audits by QAA and the results of these audits can be found online.

Aegean College is a member of the Hellenic Colleges Association (HCA)


The main goals of HCA are to coordinate the activities of its members on issues such as:

  • promoting the recognition of the work done by its members
  • collaborations with Universities abroad
  • cooperation with the Ministry of Education or other bodies
  • upgrading their operating level
  • recognition of college graduates’ degrees.

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