The Shipping Management faculty of Aegean College offers studies of high quality in Shipping Management by providing a competitive bachelor syllabus leading to acquiring the BSc  (Hons) in Shipping Management. This is offered in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University.

CCCU Aegean College

It is a bachelor program according to British standards which is offered in collaboration with the British state University of Canterbury Christ Church, and covers all aspects of running a shipping company.

The students will become familiarized with management and organization, acquiring essential knowledge for their career in Shipping.

Shipping studies lead to finding employment very fast given the fact that the Greek fleet under Greek flag is on the top of the Deadweight tonnage list according to United Nations Trade and Development, and the Union of Greek Ship-owners in London.

The input of Greek Shipping in domestic economy is particularly important as it constitutes 7% of NGP, with approximate workforce of 200.000.

In Piraeus- the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe- there are 4 terminals (Container, General cargo, Car and Passengers).

The Bachelor program in Shipping Management in Aegean College excels for the following reasons:

  • Highly qualified professors (holding Phd and MSc in Shipping), and professionals with great experience in shipping job market (captains and executives) teach the classes.
  • The Shipping Management faculty of Aegean college is a member of BIMCO so that students can have access to the greatest shipping data base.
  • The College exclusively cooperates with Career Stream, the only HR company in Greece which specializes in finding personnel in the Shipping field.
  • The Shipping Management Faculty is based in Piraeus, in a contemporary building in the center of the Great Port.
  • Aegean College organizes important events, widely attended by business people and politicians, such as the 1st Shipping Conference in Piraeus.
  • Aegean College has a research active and innovative academic community which leads the Aegean Research Center.
  • Aegean college holds strong cooperation bonds in the shipping market: students visit small and large shipping companies and ocean-going and cruise ships in the Port of Piraeus; events taking place in the College premises, presentations and lectures by executives from the shipping field. They also organize very successful Career Days, in which shipping companies participate.
  • The College has modern labs, library and classrooms equipped with all the necessary visual aids.
  • The students have access to the educational Portal (e-college), through which can access the syllabus and communicate with their tutors.
  • The students have access to the digital library of the collaborating university, which offers thousands of texts, digital books and journals, as well as to the Clarkson’s shipping data base.
  • Aegean College offers general English and other foreign languages lessons for free; languages widely used in the international shipping field.
  • The lessons are in Greek language.

The program covers a great range of courses which cover the whole range of knowledge required for a successful career in the field of Shipping.

  • Introduction to Shipping.
  • International Trade & Transport.
  • Shipping Management.
  • Maritime Policy.
  • Maritime Economics.
  • Ship Operations.

  • Research Methodology for Shipping Studies.
  • Carriage of Goods by Sea.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
  • Marine Insurance.
  • Maritime Accounting.
  • Chartering.

  • Shipping Finance.
  • Port Management.
  • Strategic Management and Leadership.
  • Ship Sale and Purchase.
  • Final Year Project.

Holders of BSc (Hons) in Shipping Management are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a successful career in the international shipping industry. After the completion of the course, the graduates can work for a wide range of companies in the field: office executives in shipping and para-shipping companies, marine insurance and ship recruitment companies.

Their specialization renders them capable of working in all departments of a shipping company: crew, broker, accountant, insurance and quality, management, marketing etc.

The graduates of the course can further their studies with a Master’s in Shipping Management.