Aegean College offers a top notch BSc (Hons) Chemistry. This 4-year programme is offered in collaboration with the University of Essex.

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Chemistry is the science that systematically studies the composition and properties of inorganic and organic matter at the atomic and molecular level, as well as the nature of interactions among atoms/molecules (i.e., chemical reactions). Since matter and its perpetual changes dominate our perceived world, one may realize the enormous breadth of applications that chemistry encompasses.

Chemists can study any structure, from a simple atom or molecule to a very complex biomolecular system in an organism. They are able to design, synthesize, modify or repair various structures with broad applications (e.g., drugs, polymers, films, inorganic/organic compounds, biomolecules, nanomaterials etc.), to predict and measure physicochemical properties, and to improve the quality of life through numerous applications (e.g., food technology, environmental and bio applications, development of industrial products, novel therapeutic schemes against diseases), among many others.

By completing the degree in Chemistry, graduates will obtain a sound foundation in the principles of Chemistry and an extensive training in laboratory techniques and research tools.

The learning strategies of the programme will combine face-to-face teaching, independent work, visits to institutes/ laboratories /chemical industry companies and related activities, laboratory training and practice, as well as online support activities. In-class teaching will involve small- and large-group lectures, along with accompanying tutorials and enquiry based learning.

Laboratory skills are essential for proper chemical practice, therefore, Aegean Omiros College will include considerable laboratory sessions, in which students will apply theory to practice.

On completion of the programme students will be able to:

  • Utilize the acquired chemistry-related knowledge, cognitive abilities, transferable skills, analytical abilities, critical thinking, abilities to conduct evidence based research, and to develop skills to effectively communicate science.
  • Collect, analyze, interpret data, and test hypotheses by conducting laboratory experiments.
  • Practice continuous professional development (CPD) in order to excel as scientists in a competitive environment (acquire interpersonal, time management and organizational skills).
  • Combine team work with independent critical thinking and knowledge to solve chemistry-related problems or challenges that may appear.

  • Aegean College is the only college in Greece offering a chemistry degree.
  • Programme offered in collaboration with the University of Essex, “University of the Year”, Times Higher Education Awards 2018.
  • PhD Academic staff.
  • Modern chemistry labs.
  • The programme takes place in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The BSc (Hons) Chemistry is a 4-year academic programme.


  • Applied Mathematics in Chemistry.
  • Physics.
  • Computer Science in Chemistry.
  • General and Inorganic Chemistry I.
  • Practical and Laboratory Skills for Chemists.
  • Teaching of Chemistry-Psychology of Learning.
  • Analytical Chemistry.
  • Inorganic Chemistry II.
  • Physical Chemistry I.

  • Instrumental Chemical Analysis I.
  • Organic Chemistry I.
  • Principles of Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy.
  • Physical Chemistry II.
  • Organic Chemistry IΙ.
  • Inorganic Chemistry III.
  • Instrumental Chemical Analysis II.
  • Introduction to Research.

  • Organic Chemistry III.
  • Industrial Chemistry.
  • Physical Chemistry III.
  • Environmental Chemistry.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Food Chemistry and Technology.
  • Organic Synthesis.
  • Toxicology-Ecotoxicology.

  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.
  • Chemistry and Technology of Materials.
  • Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Clinical Chemistry.
  • Quality Control-Accreditation.
  • Nuclear Chemistry-Radiochemistry.
  • Research Project in Chemistry.

Aegean College has created and operates contemporary and well-equipped Chemistry laboratories in its facilities, both in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The laboratories have the necessary equipment. More specifically:

  • Fume hood,
  • Laminar flow (PCR work station),
  • Incubator,
  • Centrifuge,
  • lab weight balances,
  • pipette sets of various volumes,
  • education microscope,
  • stirrer / heater,
  • water bath,
  • refrigerator 4oC/-20oC,
  • vortex,
  • rocket,
  • pH meter,
  • photometer (cuvettes),
  • PCR thermal cycler,
  • UV lamp,
  • gel electrophoresis,
  • liquid sterilization microwave,
  • A variety of reagents,
  • Glassware,
  • Safety protection equipment.


In terms of laboratory setting, the College already provides space equipped with basic laboratory glassware and equipment (e.g., microscopes, water bath, stirrer, and reagents etc.), as well as a PCR machine and centrifuge shared with the BSc (Hons) Biomedical and the BSc (Hons) Biology programmes.

Any additional equipment and glassware that may be necessary for the successful completion of the programme throughout its 4 year duration will be acquired in due time.

Furthermore, the computing laboratory is fully equipped with computers, appropriate software for statistical processing for biology students (i.e.: Statistical Package SPSS). The college and the school of life sciences will continuously be seeking to establish new collaborations with external bodies and guest visitors from clinical settings and the industry in order to enhance the academic experience of the students.

  • education and research.
  • chemical technology and industry.
  • Analytical laboratories.
  • hospitals and diagnostic centres.
  • promotion of health-related products.
  • food and beverage safety and chemistry industry.
  • biochemical and biotechnology industries.
  • environmental organisations, etc.