Aegean College Human Sciences School offers a full course in pre-primary education in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University leading to BSc (Hons) in Pre-Primary Education degree.

CCCU Aegean College

The course combines theory with practice and covers all aspects of care and education of pre-primary school children.

  • Modern pre primary education lab designed in line with international educational and professional standards.
  • Aegean College collaborates with top educators and scientists.
  • Flexible course adapted to modern education needs.
  • Academic staff comprises of distinguished professionals with great field experience.
  • Interdisciplinary intervention groups with students from different backgrounds.
  • Big events such as the 1st Special Education Conference.

Courses cover a whole range of modern theories and best practices in early chlidhood education.


  • Academic Writing Skills and English terminology.
  • Introduction to Pre-Primary Education.
  • Young Children’s Growth and Development.
  • Developmental Psychology and Psycho-Educational Learning Theories
  • Introduction to Special Needs and Inclusive Practices.
  • Introduction to Multi-cultural Education.
  • Introduction to Music-Kinetic Education.
  • Child Literature and the Media in pre-primary education.

  • Supporting Speech and Language Development.
  • Social Psychology and Pedagogy: children as social beings and group dynamics.
  • Literacy and educational practices in Pre-Primary education.
  • Teaching Language, Mathematical concepts, and Physical Sciences in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Environmental and Health Education.
  • Project method, Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Curricula in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Arts in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Placement I in Pre-Primary Education.

  • Teaching Pedagogy in Pre-Primary Education and Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Cooperative Group Teaching and Learning in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Minority Group Education, Human Rights and Social Inequalities.
  • Drama Education, Puppetry, Play and Learning in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Research Methodologies in Pre- Primary Education.
  • Teaching Literature and History in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Diversity, Inclusive Practices and Early Intervention Developmental Disorders.
  • Placement II in Pre- Primary Education.

  • Leadership in Pre- Primary Education Settings.
  • Counselling Psychology in Education.
  • Transition from Kindergarten to Elementary School: Assessment, Intervention and Readiness for School.
  • School Psychology.
  • Placement III in Pre- Primary Education.
  • Dissertation.

BSc (Hons) Primary Education graduates get employed in schools, kindergardens and nursery schools, as well as in special education schools in the private and public sector.