The Science and Human Faculty of Aegean College offers a high quality course in pre-primary education in collaboration with the British Canterbury Christ Church University

This bachelor course leads to the acquisition of a BSc (Hons) Pre Primary Education.

CCCU Aegean College

It is a competitive course which combines the theoretical with the applied aspects of Education.

The students acquire knowledge and hone their skills on all aspects of care and education provision for pre-primary students.

The completion of the course leads to the acquisition of a BSc (Hons) in Pre Primary Education. The course takes place in our modern education lab of Aegean College, as well as in daycare centres.

  • The College facilities host an ultra-modern education Lab, designed according to the latest international educational and professional standards in the field of Education. In essence, is a simulation of an actual working environment.
  • Aegean College works with top educators and scientists in the field of Education and Special Education.
  • It is a flexible course, adapted to the market needs, which introduces students to the theory and techniques of contemporary Education.
  • The course is taught by prominent professors and professionals from the field of Education.
  • Pre-primary education students cooperate with students from other fields within the frame of course-disciplinary intervention groups.
  • Aegean College hosts widely response events in which participate top professionals from the field of Education and Special Needs, such as the 1st Special Education and Special Approaches Interdisciplinary Conference.

The courses of the undergraduate program in Pre-school Education cover the entire range of contemporary theories and practices in Teaching.


  • Academic Writing Skills and English terminology.
  • Introduction to Pre-Primary Education.
  • Young Children’s Growth and Development.
  • Developmental Psychology and Psycho-Educational Learning Theories
  • Introduction to Special Needs and Inclusive Practices.
  • Introduction to Multi-cultural Education.
  • Introduction to Music-Kinetic Education.
  • Child Literature and the Media in pre-primary education.

  • Supporting Speech and Language Development.
  • Social Psychology and Pedagogy: children as social beings and group dynamics.
  • Literacy and educational practices in Pre-Primary education.
  • Teaching Language, Mathematical concepts, and Physical Sciences in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Environmental and Health Education.
  • Project method, Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Curricula in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Arts in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Placement I in Pre-Primary Education.

  • Teaching Pedagogy in Pre-Primary Education and Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Cooperative Group Teaching and Learning in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Minority Group Education, Human Rights and Social Inequalities.
  • Drama Education, Puppetry, Play and Learning in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Research Methodologies in Pre- Primary Education.
  • Teaching Literature and History in Pre-Primary Education.
  • Diversity, Inclusive Practices and Early Intervention Developmental Disorders.
  • Placement II in Pre- Primary Education.

  • Leadership in Pre- Primary Education Settings.
  • Counselling Psychology in Education.
  • Transition from Kindergarten to Elementary School: Assessment, Intervention and Readiness for School.
  • School Psychology.
  • Placement III in Pre- Primary Education.
  • Dissertation.

Holders of a degree in BSc (Hons) Primary Education are employed as educators in schools, kindergartens and nurseries, as well as in special education schools for children with special needs in the private and public sectors.