The Aegean College IT School offers an undegraduate programme in computing in collaboration with the University of Essex leading to BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems award.

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This undegraduate course focuses on Software Development and Applications and aims to students who wish to pursue careers as full stack developers and IT administrators.

The 1st academic year consists of core modules for all BSc (Hons) Computing streams: Software Development, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The 2nd and 3rd years of study include core modules as well as stream modules such as Mobile Apps and Human-Computer Interaction.

Also, students acquire knowledge on cybersecurity, object-oriented programming and computer systems architecture.

The programme graduates will be able to produce professional standards coding, will posess problem solving skills and be able to work in teams and apply the AGILE methodology.

  • The Aegean College IT School is member of the Oracle Academy allowing students to gain access to a vast library and get professional accreditations.
  • Modern programme adapted to new developments in the field.
  • Well-equipped computer labs.
  • Focus on e-commerce and other platforms.
  • Graduates may apply to the British Computing Society (BCS).
  • Great employability and academic record.

This undergraduate course is a three-year academic program which provides students with all the necessary knowledge and abilities required for software and web developers.

The modules cover a wide range of theories in Computing with an emphasis on web and mobile applications and advanced software devepment.

  • The Computing Profession-Core Module.
  • Introduction to Programming-Core Module.
  • Systems Analysis and Design-Core Module.
  • Digital Systems and Computer Architecture-Core Module.
  • Application Development-Core Module.
  • Introduction to Web Development-Core Module.

Core Modules

  • Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Database Development.
  • Web Application Programming.
  • Computer Networks and Security.


Software development stream modules

  • Software Engineering.
  • Human-Computer Interaction.

Core Modules

  • Dissertation Project.
  • Advanced Programming.
  • Advanced Databases.


Software development stream modules

  • Mobile Programming.
  • Operating Systems and Network Programming.

Aegean College offers modern facilities, computer labs, libraries and classrooms that meet the needs of students and academic staff.

Graduates of the BSc (Hons) Computing (Software Development) may pursue careers as:

  • full-stack software developers,
  • mobile apps devs,
  • systems/network administrators,
  • IT consultants.