The Aegean College Health school offers high quality studies in Dietetics in collaboration with Coventry University,UK.

The graduates of the programme earn the title of  BSc (Hons) Dietetics (Applied).

Coventry University Aegean College

The Aegean College Dietetics studies focus on the development of counselling skills related to diet issues along with writing a diet. Maintaining or improving people’s health as well as preventing the outbreak of a disease or facing diet disorders is the ultimate target.

With the help of academic and practical teaching aid activities students are offered the opportunity to develop the necessary professional skills in order to apply diet counselling to:

  • healthy or ill individuals who cover a range of age ( children, teens, adults )
  • athletes
  • individuals who feel body changes at particular periods of their life (women during pregnancy or breast feeding mothers)

In certain cases, through Diet Care Procedure students are trained to deal with people’s diet problems such as: obesity, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure and other relating diet diseases.

Within the course, academic knowledge and abilities developed by students are supported with the help of their Practice lasting over 1000 hours in different clinical sections.

Especially trained and experienced professional Dieticians are responsible to supervise students during their Practice.



  • An ultra-modern and a perfectly equipped Diet Evaluation Laboratory designed in accordance with the most internationally accepted educational and professional patterns in the field of Diet Science has been built and is already functioning at the Aegean College installations.
  • Moreover, the students’ practice is taking place at the General Academic Hospital “Attikon”, the Metropolitan Hospital, the Asklipio Voulas Hospital, at the Athens General Hospital Korgialenio- Benakio EES, at the special Cancer Piraeus Hospital “Metaxa”as well as other private collaborating diet offices, slimming centres and gyms.
  • Holders of the University Title BSc (Hons) Dietetics( Applied) in their possession are entitled to make use of an enrolment in the British Chamber of Health Service professionals(Health and Care professions Council-HCPC).It is the main official body that provides the certificate of professional competence in the Great Britain Health Department.
  • Advanced level students are also given the responsibility to present dietetic programmes to the Dietetic Prescription Laboratory under the strict supervision of their instructors in order to gain valuable experience.
  • All courses are taught by Dieticians, Chemists, Biologists and other experienced as well as academically specialized scientists.
  • Students are encouraged to develop extra-curricular activities like participating in national and international conferences, seminars,lectures,etc,resulting in their professional skill development

Dietetics studies at Aegean College fall into a full four-year academic program which provides students with all the necessary knowledge and abilities that must have in order to become qualified professionals.

We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated, please contact us for the latest module details.

  • Biochemistry.
  • Human Physiology and Anatomy.
  • Cellular, Molecular Biology and Genetics.
  • English Language Skills for University Study Ι.
  • Introduction to Nutrition.
  • General and Organic Chemistry.
  • Food Microbiology.
  • Professional Development and Practice.

  • English Language Skills for University Study ΙΙ.
  • Metabolism of Macro and Micronutrients.
  • Biostatistics.
  • Pathophysiology.
  • Food Science, Safety and Catering.
  • Nutrition through the Life Cycle.
  • Nutritional Assessment.
  • Placement Practice Α.

  • Nutrition Epidemiology and Research Methodology.
  • Nutritional Counselling and Health Psychology.
  • Clinical Nutrition.
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology.
  • Public Health Nutrition.
  • Placement Practice B.

  • Leadership & Management in Dietetic Practice.
  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition.
  • Physical Activity & Sports Nutrition.
  • Dissertation.
  • Placement Practice C.

To meet the educational needs of the course work Aegean College boasts the following modern and well-equipped laboratories: Nutritional assessment, Anatomy and Physiology, food microbiology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, computer. In addition, students undertake implementation of diets to specially designed Food Laboratories under the supervision of their instructors.

The above workshops were designed with the latest international educational and professional standards relating to the science of Dietetics. Aegean College also operates the Food Advisory Centre (Nutrition Lab) in a safe and modern environment.

Basically, it is a space simulation of actual searching and professional circumstances with which students will be confronted. This space is equipped with digital scales, fat analyzers, height measurement, skinfold calipers, gauge basic metabolism and diet pyramid.

Aegean College graduates of BSc (Hons) Dietetics (Applied) work as Dieticians-Nutritionists with people of all ages to prevent and treat diseases related to nutrition.

In Greece the Recognition of Qualification is carried out by means of the procedure laid down by the Council for the recognition of professional qualifications of the Ministry of Education.

They can offer services as freelancers and work in a variety of workplaces in the private and the public sector, such as nutrition/weight control centers and metabolism, spa, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, maternity wards, schools/special schools, sports and fitness centres, nursing homes and day-care centres.

See the relevant presidential decree laying down conditions to practice Dietetics – Nutritionist (PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 133/GOV. a. 213_ 1.10.2014).