Aegean College offers a masters course in systemic psychology leading to an MSc Systemic Psychotherapy. The programme is offered in collaboration with the University of Essex.

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The MSc Systemic Psychotherapy programme is designed for psychology graduates as well as a variety of graduates and professionals from different fields (ie human, health or life sciences) who wish to consider pursuing training in Systemic/Family Psychotherapy. It is a prestigious and well-respected area of specialisation, which currently is in really high demand in Greece and Europe.

  • Specialisation programme providing valuable knowledge, understanding and experience for professional training in Systemic Psychotherapy, Family/Couples Therapy and Counselling.
  • Professional development and transferable academic skills.
  • Teaching is delivered by professional clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and researchers with PhDs.
  • Utilization of the Psychometry/Research and Clinical Simulation Laboratories (In-house Clinic).
  • Membership of the college Cinema Club.
  • Open days and career development events.
  • Personal development planning tailored to every student.
  • Well-equipped computer labs.
  • The programme is offered at the Aegean College facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The programme is made up of 16 core modules, 5 of them are 20 credit modules, 10 are 10 credit modules, and the Dissertation, which is a 40-credit module, at level 7 of the programme.

  • Theories of Change and Practice- Psychopathology.
  • Humanistic Approaches-10 credits.
  • Concepts and Models in Systemic Therapy -Theory and Practice.
  • Psychodynamic Approaches.
  • Integrative Psychotherapy.
  • Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches.
  • Personal Development for Systemic Therapists -Professional Practice.

  • Research Methodology, Experimental Design and Statistics.
  • Group and Family Therapy Skills.
  • Psychotherapy and Mental Health.
  • Couple Therapy and Psychosexual Approaches.
  • Systemic Therapy and LGBTQIA issues.
  • Systemic Therapy in Practice-Professional Practice.
  • Systemic Supervision.

  • Systemic therapy in Learning and Practice.
  • Dissertation.

Students will have access to a range of laboratories, including psychology and computer laboratory. The Wilhelm Wundt’s Psychometrics laboratory and the Albert Ellis In-house Clinic at the Panepistimiou 17 building (4th floor).

The Wilhelm Wundt’s Psychometrics laboratory is equipped with a variety of psychometric tools and devices and appropriate audio devices. Finally, the Albert Ellis In-house Clinic is purpose-built for role play as well as individual and group sessions that take place by licensed and experienced clinicians. Wireless camera technology, allows students to observe experimental, simulation role-play, counseling sessions and in-House Clinic sessions remotely, under the guidance of trained professionals and facilitators. A one-way mirror is also built in, to allow for facilitation of experiments in the Wilhelm Wundt’s Psychometrics Laboratory that is adjacent to the Albert Ellis In-House Clinic. Typical clinical and neuropsychological assessment tools are an integral part of the laboratory equipment and are updated on a regular basis in order to ensure currency.

Also, students have access to BioSensors SmartLab, which was added in the resources available to students and academics of Aegean College late in 2021 in collaboration with iMotions. Its main aim is to facilitate research in different areas such as Psychology, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Health Sciences, Business & Neuromarketing, Neuroscience and more.

Graduates can pursue a systemic/family therapy career, either in clinical settings or self-employed in psychotherapy.