The BSc (Hons) Business Administration (Logistics) is an undergraduate degree offered in collaboration with the University of Essex.

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The BSc (Hons) Business Administration (Logistics) is a specialisation bachelor course in the supply chain management.

The first academic year comprises of core modules. From the 2nd year and after, students chose Logistics modules among four streams:

The supply chain management (logistics) is a critical business operation with a great impact on operating costs, inventories and client satisfaction.

The modules are tailored to the needs of companies facing the challenges of a globalised economy and international trade.

  • Knowledge on international trade and quantitative tools for supply chain management.
  • The Aegean College Business School seeks its students networking with businesses, organisations and managers.
  • A University of Essex degree in business tailored to the needs of the greek and international markets.
  • Members of the Aegean Research Centre Research Centre (ARC).
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The BSc (Hons) in Logistics is a 3-year academic programme comprising of core and stream modules.

  • Developing Graduate Skills.
  • Introduction to Management Science.
  • Introduction to Economics.
  • Introduction to Marketing.
  • Financial Accounting.
  • Human Resources Management.

Core modules

  • Operations and Project Management.
  • Consumer Behaviour.
  • Επιχειρηματικό Δίκαιο.
  • Organizational Behaviour and Leadership.


Stream modules Logistics

  • Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Quantitative Tools for Supply Chain Management.

Core modules

  • Dissertation.
  • Business Ethics.
  • Strategic Management.


Stream modules Logistics 

  • Inventory Control and Supply Chain Planning.
  • International Trade and Transportation.

Aegean College features modern facilities in Athens, Piraeus and Larisa.

BSc (Hons) in Logistics graduates can work at:

  • Logistics departments,
  • international trade.
  • shipping companies.
  • brokerage firms.