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Special discounts and credit facilities

At Aegean College, we fully understand the financial difficulties that the average Greek family is currently facing.

That is why we offer generous discounts to students from poor backgrounds (multi-child families, unemployed etch) who meet specific financial and social criteria.


Aegean College runs every year a Scholarship program (partial or full-funded) for those students who don’t have the financial means to study and meet specific financial and social criteria.


Military Service Deferral

Male students at Aegean are entitled to a deferral of their army duties of equal duration to those given to students abroad.

Students should contact the College’s Secretariat so as to provide them with all necessary documents issued both the Partner University and Ministry of Education.

Documents related to military service deferral must be submitted to your local draft board.

Discounts in affiliated companies

Aegean College students enjoy generous discounts in a number of affiliated companies by only showing their student ID card.

Publishing houses, airline and tourism businesses, art and culture operators, medical services, clothing, footwear, sporting goods, electronics and new technology, entertainment and recreation companies are some examples of the many companies that offer our students with special prices

LAEK Funding of studies

All those interested in an undergraduate or postgraduate programme of studies working either in the private or public sector are entitled to use the Manpower Employer Organisation LAEK Programme which offers 0.45% funding.

For more information and to see whether you are entitled to use LAEK program visit the site of Manpower Employer Organisation (OAEΔ).

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