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Aegean College is proud of its library with thousands of titles of books and scientific journals. Moreover, students have access to academic journals, e-books and other educational material through our partner Universities’ electronic libraries which can be accessed either on-site at the college or remotely from the comfort of the students’ homes. Library resources are renewed annually to include the most recent editions of both Greek and foreign publications.

The library is also equipped with computers and internet access and thus it is the ideal place for study groups, meetings with mentors and tutors and undistracted research

Venue Hall

Aegean College has a state-of-the-art venue hall used for lectures, seminars, plays, ceremonies, exhibitions, etc.

It regularly hosts events of great scientific and artistic importance.The College’s venue hall is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment: audio and microphone installation, projectors, screens, consoles, computers and wi-fi.

Computer Labs

Aegean College’s students have access to sophisticated, ultra-modern computer labs.

They can therefore:

  • acquire a personal email account
  • have free internet service and multimedia processing
  • have wireless internet access within the College’s premises
  • have access to an e-learning platform
  • study in modern classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment (projectors, interactive whiteboards, wireless internet access) and in lecture halls equipped with a sophisticated video recording system.

In-House Clinic

Aegean College boasts a modern and well-equipped Laboratory of Psychometric-Neuropsychological Evaluation and Speech and Language Intervention. The Laboratory was designed in line with the latest international educational and professional standards in the fields of Psychology and Speech and Language Therapy.

Essentially it is a space for simulating real-time research and professional conditions. It has a one-way mirror and audio-visual communication through a closed-circuit television in a specially designed classroom equipped with interactive whiteboards and a wide range of psychometric and other evaluation tools.

Aegean College is an institution accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education, according to Law 1532/Β/27-07-2009 and holds a license to operate [License Number: 120863/2-9-13 (Government’s Gazette 2278/B/12-9-13)].

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