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Aegean College is proud of its library with thousands of titles of books and scientific journals. Moreover, students have access to academic journals, e-books and other educational material through our partner Universities’ electronic libraries which can be accessed either on-site at the college or remotely from the comfort of the students’ homes. Library resources are renewed annually to include the most recent editions of both Greek and foreign publications.

The library is also equipped with computers and internet access and thus it is the ideal place for study groups, meetings with mentors and tutors and undistracted research

Biology Lab

Aegean College features a modern biology lab with equipment such as microscopes, ovens, incubators, photometers, PCR, Ph-meters, petri dishes.

Computer Lab

Students will have access to Computing Laboratory in Aegean College, with specialised BI Software (Tableau, QlikView, PowerBi) and all the required programming environments for the development of the algorithms and models.

More precisely, the laboratory is fully equipped with computers with appropriate software for the development of statistical models, machine learning algorithms and projector, and allows for access to AOC Moodle resources.

Biosensors Smart Lab

BioSensors SmartLab was added in the resources available to students and academics of Aegean College late in 2021 in collaboration with iMotions. Its main aim is to facilitate research in different areas such as Psychology, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Health Sciences, Business Management & Neuromarketing, Neuroscience and more.

It will continue to add in the community and academia as an innovative and contemporary research lab by promoting contemporary scientific expertise.

Makers’ Lab

Maker’s lab is the brand new lab of Aegean College, which will be available for use by the College’s School of Information Technology students. Makers’ lab is a model laboratory dedicated to creating and learning by doing. Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills in real working conditions and upgrade their level of knowledge.

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