The School of Maritime Studies of the Aegean College offers postgraduate studies in the Management of Shipping Companies, with a high-level programme leading to qualification in MSc Shipping Management in cooperation with the state British Canterbury Christ Church University.

CCCU Aegean College

The MSc in Shipping Management is the only postgraduate programme in marine studies designed by people of shipping and developed on the basis of the real needs of companies in the industry.

It is addressed to merchant marine officers, managers of shipping companies, graduates of economic, political and social sciences, as well as engineers and builders who wish to pursue careers as administrative-managerial executives in the modern, demanding world of shipping and maritime transport in Greece and abroad.

This is a postgraduate programme of British standards that deepens students’ knowledge across the spectrum of activities of a shipping company.

It focuses on the organization and administration of a shipping company in order to prepare career executives promote the vision, goals and strategy of the company.

The studies on marine drive in fast absorption of the labor market since the Greek-owned fleet under Greek flag occupies the first position in the ranking of worldwide shipping capacity (DWT), according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee in London.

Extremely important is the input of Greek shipping in the domestic economy by 7% of GDP, while the industry’s contribution to total employment is estimated at about 200,000 jobs.

In Piraeus -Greece’s largest port and one of the largest in Europe- operate four terminals (container, general cargo, automobile and passenger shipping).

  • The postgraduate programme Administration of Maritime Businesses of the Aegean College excels because it is a flexible curriculum designed for professionals and executives of shipping companies, enabling students to attend lectures part-time outside working hours.
  • The School of Maritime Studies of the Aegean College is a member of BIMCO and the students have access to the largest maritime database.
  • The College has an exclusive partnership with Career Stream, the only company in Greece that specializes in personnel and human resources management in the shipping sector.
  • The courses are taught by prominent academics (holders of doctoral and postgraduate diplomas in maritime), as well as professionals with long experience in the maritime job market (captains and office managers).
  • The School of Maritime Studies of the Aegean College is based in Piraeus, in a modern building in the centre of the grand harbour.
  • The Aegean College organizes important events with huge acceptance by the business and political world like the “1st Maritime Conference” in Piraeus.
  • The Aegean College maintains unbreakable ties of cooperation with the world of shipping:  students visit large and small shipping companies as well as ocean-going and cruise ships at the port of Piraeus, events, presentations and speeches of people from the shipping sector are organized in the College premises and very successful Career Days take place, involving shipping companies.
  • The Aegean College maintains an active in terms of research and innovative academic community with its cutting-edge Aegean Research Centre.
  • The College has sophisticated laboratories, a library and classrooms equipped with all the necessary teaching aids.
  • Students have at their disposal an educational Portal (e-college), through which they gain access to the course material and communicate with teachers.
  • Students have access to the electronic library of the cooperating university, which contains thousands of books, digitized books and journals, as well as the maritime database Clarksons.
  • The Aegean College offers students free lessons of English and other foreign languages used in the international shipping industry.
  • Subjects are taught in Greek and English.

The curriculum develops special marine subjects and extends into three stages.

  • Maritime Economics and Finance  – mandatory
  • Strategic Shipping Management  – mandatory
  • International  Shipping  Law  – mandatory

  • International Maritime Regulations – mandatory
  • Chartering  – optional
  • Risk Management in Shipping – optional
  • Human Resource Management in Shipping – optional
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management – optional
  • Shipping  Companies Operation – optional
  • Port  Management – optional

  • Market Research Methods – mandatory
  • Postgraduate Dissertation – mandatory

The Aegean College is housed in two modern buildings in the Centre of Athens and Piraeus.

The labs, the library, the reading room and the classrooms meet the needs of students and academic staff and provide ideal conditions for academic education and vocational training.

The MSc in Shipping Management is addressed to professionals and executives who aspire to have a career in a high level in the shipping sector.

Master’s degree holders have all the necessary qualifications to occupy managerial positions in companies in the shipping industry.

Graduates of the programme can also work in the maritime sector as teachers, lecturers, writers in shipping journals etc.

Graduates of the programme can continue their studies at a doctoral level.

The Aegean College collaborates with the Spinnaker Global /Specialist Recruitment company for direct employment of the holders in MSc Shipping Management in larger shipping companies worldwide.