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Counselling Services

Support of Women from underrepresented groups
The Scheme on “Counselling Services in Support of Women from underrepresented groups” is designed to provide assistance and support to women affiliated with non-governmental organizations, who have experienced harassment or violence. Organized by Aegean College, the month-long initiative aims to educate and empower young women, encouraging them to consider pursuing university studies.
The scheme focuses on providing counseling services to address the psychological and emotional impact of harassment or violence while simultaneously fostering a positive environment that promotes education and personal development.
Through this comprehensive approach, the scheme aims to contribute to the overall well-being and academic aspirations of the participating women.
Mrs Kyriaki Theodosi Polymeri, the renowned psychotherapist academic of the School of Psychology of Aegean College and long term collaborator of the College, is leading the project with a handful of other psychologists of Aegean College.

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