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Training Visit to Blue Star Ferries

The students of the Shipping programme on board the Blue Star 2

Practical Course at Blue Star 2

The students of Aegean College ‘s Maritime Studies programme visited the Blue Star 2 of the Attica Group‘s Blue Star Ferries on Friday 29 March 2024, accompanied by their Professor Sotirios Manologlou.

The purpose of the visit was for the students to get acquainted with all the areas of a ship and to be informed by the responsible officers of the departments about the individual functions of each department.

In addition, the students had the opportunity to understand the differences between Passenger Shipping, i.e. shipping whose main focus is passenger transport, and Merchant Shipping.

Finally, of particular interest was the students’ conversation with the ship’s lieutenant, who explained the procedures that take place before and during the departure of the ship for its predetermined route, as well as all the required books that are kept at the Bridge.

Many thanks to Attica Group for the wonderful hospitality!

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