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15th Graduation Ceremony of the Aegean College at the Pallas Theatre

A splendid graduation ceremony was held at the Pallas Theatre by the Aegean College on February 6th 2018.

Family and friends of the graduates, all the administrative and teaching staff,representatives of several organizations and distinguished guests gathered in the theatre’s central hall to honor all those young people who are about to turn a new page in their career.

The ceremony was carried out in a festive atmosphere and was coordinated by sports reporters and teachers of journalism at the IEK OMIROS George Lioris and Christina Vrahali.

During the ceremony, the Aegean College awarded with a prize significant Greeks like the poet and writer Manos Eleftheriou (who passed away in July 2018), the astrophysics Dionysis Simopoulos, the actor Dimitrios Lignadis and the chairwoman of the Alzheimer and Relevant Disorders Association Paraskevi Sakka.

Among the honorees were Doctors Without Borders, represented by Dr Apostolos Veizis.

The ceremony was also attended by Dr Catherine Meehan, representing the state British Canterbury Christ Church University.

Graduates received their Bachelor degrees in a joyful and emotional atmosphere and then took the usual photograph while throwing their hats in the air!

We thank them all and wish them successful careers!

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