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Drama Games and Special Education

The aim of the seminar is for participants to come into contact with drama games (Lakis Kouretzis method) and to apply it to respective fields of special education.

Highlighting the experiential nature of drama games, participants undertake a role player and approach people with special educational needs.

Two-Day Seminar Structure

The two-day Seminar will include two five-hour meetings:

  • Workshops with the method of Lakis Kouretzis drama games
  • Theoretical approach on the topic “drama game and special education”
Parts of the seminar:


  • Theoretical approach on the topic “drama games and special education”
  • Raising awareness through drama games
  • Case study


  • The stages of drama games
  • Theatrical play techniques
  • Group psychology
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Social model of disability
  • Population groups that meet in special education
  • Special education in drama games
  • Drama games in special education

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