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The 6th Maritime Conference at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

The World of Shipping at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

6th Maritime Conference 2024

The 6th Maritime Conference organized by the School of Shipping of Aegean College took place on Tuesday 14 May 2024 at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus with great success.

This year’s conference was attended by renowned professionals and academics of the shipping sector in Greece and internationally.

Some of the official guests of the conference were the Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy Ioannis Pappas and the Members of Parliament of Piraeus Kostas Katsafados, Nikos Vlachakos and Giorgos Vrettakos.

The Deputy Mayor of Sustainable Development Dimitris Karidis, the Acting Municipal Councillor for Culture, Yannis Hatzialeksis and the Acting Municipal Councillor for Information Technology and New Technologies, Dimitris Vlachakos.

The President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vassilios Korkidis, the Vice-Regional Head of Education, Errika Prezerakou and the Vice-Regional Head of Finance, Marianna Toumazatou also attended.

The President of OMIROS Educational Group, Nikolaos Makryplidis, also welcomed the audience.

The topic of this year’s conference was “Education as the Main Tool for Integrating Recent Developments in Shipping” and the main points of discussion were the importance of education in shipping, new trends in the industry, as well as tools for developing the skills of future executives.

The conference was followed by a Networking Event at the St’ Nicholas Business Club.

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