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New Collaboration with Genotypos Laboratory

New academic collaboration for students of School of Health

Genotypos Science Labs and Aegean College announce their new collaboration that sets the high standard for biomedical sciences in our country

Genotypos Science Labs is a high standard Molecular Genetics, Genomic Medicine and Cytogenetics laboratory with a leading presence in the field of genetic analysis, recognized by the national and international scientific community for its commitment to research and innovation, but also for performing advanced laboratory tests with the highest degree of validity and reliability.

Aegean College - Genotypos Science Labs

State of the art advanced genetic analyses for our students

In the next few years Genotypos and Aegean College will provide students of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, offered in collaboration with the University of Essex, the opportunity to become familiar with new diagnostic and prognostic analyses, the identification of new therapeutic targets, and the design and implementation of applied research programmes.

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