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College Student at an International Computer Science Conference (IISA 2018)

Pioneering work in Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Student's work at the IISA 2018 International Computer Science Congress


An Aegean College student science work was presented at the International Conference on information IISA2018


An Aegean College student computer science work was presented on the 9th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications-IISA2018 that was held on Zakynthos Island from 23 to 25 July 2018.


Especially, on Wednesday July 25th  within the scope of the Evaluation Metrics and Alignments session the scientific research of our student Nikolaos Sorvanos was presented by the title “Challenges in input preprocessing for mobile OCR applications: A realistic testing scenario”


The endogenous entanglements which derive from the effort of designing a complete OC system for smartphones were brought forward as there are certain inborne steps and challenges in the same OCR technology itself. More specifically, before the exact functioning full-page text recognition is completed, the entry (usually visual information such as a picture) should be in course of process so that the existing text information can be improved and the noise as well as the extreme values can be diminished. That preprocessing course cannot be recognised by an unskilled user.

Also it can prove to be impossible to function properly in a smartphone application.

In this research, we are attempting to make these challenges well-founded with the help of experiments in the course of preprocessing using a realistic text scenario and highlight certain open issues for future research.


During the research designing the student had an excellent collaboration with his supervising teacher. They both worked so well together in the field of knowledge and technology as in the field of methodology research. This resulted in a completed academic research.

The Aegean College Information programme that provides study qualifications, owing to the results and the respond to the research of our student in an International forum proves that it is the most important portal for providing for knowledge responding to the scientific knowledge and the needs of  today’s market.

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