BSc (Hons)  Business Administration by Aegean College is a three-year course in business administration, which aims to introduce students to the world of the market on the basis of the most modern and advanced business theories.

The program is offered in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University.

CCCU Aegean College

The BSc (Hons) Business Administration course creatively combines theory with practice, enabling students to gain in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of business and organizations.

Particularly focused on international business practices, both on these developed in the European Union and globally.

Doing business in a global environment, the impact of social and demographic changes in markets and businesses, marketing and new product development, business accounting and human resource management are some of the subjects of the BSc (Hons) Business Administration program.

  • Aegean College maintains holds strong ties of cooperation with the world of Finance and business: visits of students in large and small businesses, events, presentations and speeches for executives and entrepreneurs in the areas of the College, and organizing very successful Career Days involving hundreds of companies.
  • State-of-the-art laboratories, library, study room and classrooms fully equipped with the necessary visual aids that meet the students and academic staff’s needs, and provide ideal conditions for attendance.
  • Six-month internship at the end of the study.
  • The course is in Greek.
  • Aegean College offers all students free of charge English language learning courses, a second foreign language and computer classes, as well as free participation in seminars throughout the duration of the studies.
  • Aegean College has an active research and innovative academic community with the Aegean Research Centre Research Centre (ARC).
  • Students have access to the Educational e-college Portal through which they access the course syllabus, get informed about the lectures and communicate with them.

Aegean College has an active research and innovative academic community with the Aegean Research Centre Research Centre (ARC).

  • Business Accounting.
  • Developing Graduate Skills.
  • Introduction to Management Science.
  • Introduction to Economics.
  • Introduction to Marketing.
  • People in Organisations.

  • Leadership and Management.
  • E-Marketing.
  • Management of Operations.
  • Project Management.
  • Consumer Behaviour.
  • Developing Sustainable Enterprise.

  • Exploring Strategy.
  • International Business.
  • International Marketing.
  • Business Ethics.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Service Management.

The Aegean College maintains an active research and innovative academic community with the Aegean Research Centre Research Centre (ARC).

The Aegean College has modern facilities that ensure the proper running of the course.

The labs, the library, the reading room and classrooms with full visual means teaching meet the needs of students and academic staff and provide excellent training conditions.


Aegean College graduates who gain a diploma in BSc (Hons) Business Administration have the necessary knowledge and skills to work in all sectors of the economy as managers.

They can pursue careers in a variety of workplaces in the private and public sectors, as well as to work as freelancers with recognized professional rights.

The recognition of the qualification is made through the process followed in the Council for the recognition of professional qualifications via the Ministry of education.