Aegean College offers an innovative postgraduate program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (MSc in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences) in cooperation with the State Canterbury Christ Church University.

CCCU Aegean College

The program is based on an interprofessional approach, aimed at skilled graduates and professionals from disciplines of physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy and is designed according to international trends in the field of rehabilitation and educational practices adopted by top universities abroad.

According to the World Health Organization “rehabilitation will provide a basic health strategy in the 21st century” (Rehabilitation,2018 2030) especially in countries with medium or low income per capita as Greece.

The restoration is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on human function and disability.  It aims to enhance the physical and psychosocial function, to increase the participation of individuals in society and to improve the quality of their life. Additionally, it is involved in social and health policy issues.

The innovative program offered by Aegean College aims at analysing and evaluating models, procedures, interventions and policies concerning the prevention, reversal or minimising malfunctions, as well as facilitating activity and participation.

  • The structure of the program is divided into three phases and it includes courses specializing in each field (Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy).
  • It is the only postgraduate program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences conducted in English in collaboration with a renowned British University.
  • The courses are taught by distinguished and highly experienced scientists and professional physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists, active in clinical practice and specialized in complex restoration.
  • Both the experience and expertise of the Health Faculty are applied in the fields of physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy.
  • The courses are linked with the practical application of rehabilitation methods in field work.
  • Constant development of the skills and knowledge necessary for professionals who wish to enrich their CV and to seek new career opportunities.
  • Flexible program designed for professionals.
  • At the premises of the College there is a well-equipped physiotherapy and occupational therapy workshop designed in accordance with the latest international educational and professional standards.
  • Specialization courses are included in rehabilitation of difficult cases.
  • Guest speakers will participate in the programme to critically analyze the modern research approaches and appropriate practices in the field of rehabilitation.
  • Students of the course act as members of interdisciplinary teams and gain valuable experience for their professional path.

The structure of the program is divided into three phases and it includes courses specializing in each field (Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy).

  • Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences – 20 Credits.
  • Therapeutic Communication and Advocacy: A Multi-disciplinary Approach – 20 Credits.
  • Cognitive and Neuroscience Approaches in Rehabilitation – 20 Credits.

  • Research Methods for Rehabilitation Scientists – 20 Credits.
  • Rehabilitation of Complex Cases 1 – 20 Credits.

Special education courses:

  • Physiotherapy: Neurological Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy – 20 Credits).
  • Occupational Therapy: Neurological Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy – 20 Credits.
  • Speech and Language Therapy: Neurological Rehabilitation in Speech and Language Therapy – 20 Credits.

  • Rehabilitation of Complex Cases 2 – 20 Credits.
  • Postgraduate work.

The physiotherapy and occupational therapy laboratory is a space simulation of actual research and professional conditions. It includes treatment beds, wheelchairs, chairs as well as special recovery tools, such as transfer boards. It also covers all the technical means used by people who need rehabilitation such as clothing and footwear aids, as well as all technical means for further education of the students in daily activities which take place in other areas of the College in specific times such as the kitchen and the restroom.

The Speech therapy workshop includes audiovisual communication via closed circuit in special courses, while rooms on the premises of the College boast an innovative In-House Clinic.

Graduates of the programme in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences can provide services in clinics and rehabilitation centres, non-governmental Organizations and Health service providers in the public and private domain.

The specific degree allows them to compete for jobs in a demanding industry where postgraduate qualifications offer a competitive advantage and there is a great demand for qualified professionals.