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Aegean College is committed to fostering a non-discriminatory and inclusive admissions process, aligning with the principles of SDG 10. Our admissions policy is designed to provide equal opportunities for all individuals, irrespective of their background, and we are dedicated to transparency in our approach. Aegean College’s admissions policy includes the following:

sdg 10

Non-Discrimination Principle

Aegean College’s admissions policy explicitly states a commitment to non- discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, or any other protected status. Admissions decisions are based solely on merit, academic qualifications, and other relevant criteria.

Transparent Criteria

The criteria for admissions, including academic qualifications, and any additional requirements, are clearly outlined as set by the collaborative UK Universities. This transparency ensures that prospective students are informed about the factors considered in the admissions process.

Accessible Information

The admissions policy is made publicly available on the Aegean College’s website and in relevant admissions criteria sections within the respective Programme landing pages. Furthermore this information is available for stakeholders such as the Greek Ministry of Education and the collaborative UK Universities. Prospective students, and other stakeholders can easily access this information to understand the principles and procedures guiding admissions process.

SDG 10

Aegean College is committed to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in alignment with the principles of SDG 10. We actively measure and track applications and admissions of underrepresented and potentially underrepresented groups, including but not limited to ethnic minorities, low- income students, non-traditional students, women, LGBT students, disabled students, and newly settled refugee students.

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Safe spaces: LGBTQ+ identities & inclusion

Εκπαιδευτική Ημερίδα: Ασφαλείς χώροι: ΛΟΑΤΚΙ ταυτότητες & συμπερίληψη.

The School of Human Sciences of Aegean College organised the Open Educational Conference with the topic “Safe Spaces: LGBTQ+ Identities & Inclusion” in September 2022 with renowned speaker Ms. Chrysoula Iliopoulou.

The goal of this Conference was the detailing of basic terminology around gender and sexual orientation and to set good practices in both personal and systemic level.

The conference gathered a variety of different groups:

  • Students and graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the School of Human Sciences of Aegean College
  • Students and graduates of psychology programmes of both public and private educational institutions
  • Psychologists, social workers and other health professionals General public

About the speaker

Ms. Chrysoula Iliopoulou, a graduate of the department of Psychology of Panteion University, with a postgraduate in Social Work (MSW) and Clinical Sexology (MEd) at Widener University, USA.

She has worked in Greece and the USA, and specialises on the subjects of sexual orientation, gender identity and alternative sexualities.

She is a research associate of Orlando LGBT and the Friendly Structures for Adolescents of the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is also a member of the Hellenic Society for Sexuality and Intersexual Relations, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

She returned to Greece to become what she needed when growing up, not only a source of accurate and scientifically sound information surrounding sexuality, but also to promote reasoned and enthousiastic inclusivity.

Link Here.

SDG 10 People LGBTQ+

Aegean College’s approach to diversity, equality and inclusivity includes the following :

SDG 10 Career Days

Demographic Data Collection
We collect comprehensive demographic data during the application process to understand the diversity of our applicant pool. This includes information on ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and refugee status.

Transparent Admissions Criteria
Aegean College maintains transparent admissions criteria that consider the unique strengths and challenges of applicants from underrepresented groups. We prioritize a holistic evaluation process that goes beyond academic achievements to consider diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Targeted Outreach Programmes
We implement targeted outreach programmes to actively encourage applications from underrepresented groups. This includes collaboration with community organizations, high schools, and outreach events to provide information and support to potential applicants.

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Affirmative Action Policies

We have affirmative action policies in place to actively address historical disparities and systemic barriers  that may affect underrepresented groups. These policies are designed to promote equal opportunities in education.

Support Services for Underrepresented Students

Aegean College offers specialized support  services for underrepresented students, including mentorship programmes, counseling services, and academic support.

These services aim to enhance retention and success  rates for students from diverse backgrounds.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting
We regularly monitor and report on the demographic composition of our student body to assess the effectiveness of our diversity initiatives. This ongoing evaluation informs future strategies and ensures accountability in promoting inclusivity.

Collaboration with External Organizations
We collaborate with external organizations and advocacy groups focused on the rights and well-being of underrepresented groups. This partnership helps us stay informed about best practices and societal challenges affecting these communities.

By measuring and tracking applications and admissions of underrepresented groups, Aegean College is actively contributing to the principles of SDG 10, fostering an inclusive educational environment that reflects the diversity of our global society.

Enes Kanter: NBA star at Aegean College


The Turkish Enes Kanter Freedom is an NBA player and activist for Human Rights. The renowned basketball player spoke to Aegean College students over the course of a two hour workshop. The human rights activist discussed the importance of diversity, empathy and solidarity in making the world a better place and openly answered relevant questions posed by the student body.

Link Here.

Aegean College is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, and we actively take planned actions to recruit students, staff, and faculty from under- represented groups. Our efforts align with the principles of SDG 10, aiming to reduce inequalities within our institution and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society. Aegean College’s actions to recruit individuals from under-represented groups include:

Diversity Recruitment Initiatives
We have established specific recruitment initiatives designed to attract individuals from under-represented backgrounds, including but not limited to ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, and those from economically disadvantaged communities.

These initiatives may involve targeted outreach, partnerships with community organizations, and participation in diversity- focused events.

Affirmative Action Policies
Aegean College has implemented affirmative action policies to actively address historical and systemic barriers faced by underrepresented groups. These policies may include targeted recruitment efforts, preferential admission considerations, and additional support for career development.

Collaboration with Diversity Networks
We actively collaborate with diversity networks, professional organizations, and community groups that focus on under- represented populations.

These partnerships help facilitate networking opportunities, mentorship programmes, and outreach activities to attract a diverse range of candidates.

Career Days SDG 10

Inclusive Hiring Practices
Aegean College’s HR department emphasizes inclusive hiring practices that aim to eliminate bias and promote equal opportunities during the recruitment and selection process. We provide training for hiring committees on diversity and inclusion, and we incorporate diverse perspectives in decision- making processes.

Financial Support and Scholarships
We offer financial support and scholarships to students from under-represented groups to reduce barriers to entry and support their academic pursuits. These initiatives may include need-based scholarships, merit-based awards, and financial aid programmes.

Monitoring and Reporting
The college regularly monitors and reports on the progress of our recruitment efforts to ensure transparency and accountability.

This includes tracking the representation of individuals from under-represented groups across various roles within the college.

By taking these planned actions, Aegean College is actively contributing to SDG 10.6.3, fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community that reflects the richness of perspectives and experiences found within society. These efforts not only enhance the representation of under- represented groups but also contribute to a more vibrant and equitable educational environment.

Aegean College is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all members of the college community. We have robust anti- discrimination and anti-harassment policies in place, aligned with the principles of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5 and 10. Aegean College’s commitment to these goals is reflected in the following policies and initiatives:

Anti-Discrimination Policy
Aegean College has a comprehensive anti- discrimination policy that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other protected characteristic. This policy applies to all aspects of college life, including admissions, academic programmes, employment, and extracurricular activities.

Anti-Harassment Policy
We have implemented a clear and comprehensive anti- harassment policy that defines unacceptable behaviors and outlines procedures for reporting and addressing incidents of harassment. This policy covers all forms of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination, fostering a culture of mutual respect and dignity.

Prevention and Education Programmes
The college actively engages in awareness and education programmes to prevent discrimination and harassment. These programmes include training sessions, workshops, and campaigns to promote a better understanding of respectful and inclusive behavior.

SDG Report 10 presentation

Reporting Mechanisms

We have established confidential and accessible reporting mechanisms for individuals  who   experience or    witness    discrimination or harassment. These mechanisms ensure that individuals   can   come forward with confidence, and appropriate actions are taken to address reported incidents.

Investigation and Accountability

Aegean College is committed to   conducting   thorough and impartial investigations into reported incidents of discrimination or harassment. Disciplinary actions are taken when necessary, emphasizing accountability and reinforcing a zero-tolerance approach towards discrimination and harassment.

Regular Review and Improvement

Aegean College regularly reviews and updates its anti- discrimination and anti- harassment policies to align with evolving best practices and legal standards. This ongoing commitment to improvement ensures that our institution maintains a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the college community.

Aegean College is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus environment. To ensure the effective implementation of policies, programmes, and training related to diversity, equality, inclusion, and human rights, our institution has established a dedicated Diversity and Equality Committee.

The Diversity and Equality Committee serves as an advisory body tasked by the administration and governing body to:

Develop and Review Policies
Collaborate in the development and review of college policies that promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. This includes policies related to recruitment, admissions, employee relations, and campus culture.

Implement Inclusive Programmes
Actively work on the implementation of inclusive programmes and initiatives that celebrate diversity and address the unique needs of various groups within the Aegean College community.

Training and Education
Develop and oversee training and educational programmes on diversity, equality, and inclusion for faculty, staff, and students. These programmes aim to enhance awareness, sensitivity, and cultural competence.

Monitor Progress and Impact
Regularly assess and monitor the college’s progress in achieving diversity, equality and inclusion goals. This includes collecting and analyzing data on demographic representation, campus climate, and the effectiveness of inclusion initiatives.

Addressing Discrimination and Harassment
Provide guidance and support in addressing incidents of discrimination, harassment, or bias on campus. The committee works to create a safe and supportive environment for all members of the college community.

Partnerships and Outreach
Collaboration with external organizations, community groups, and stakeholders to strengthen the college’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. This may involve participating in community outreach events, partnerships, and initiatives.

Gender Equality Focus
The committee also pays specific attention to gender equality and works towards ensuring equal opportunities and representation for all genders across the college.

Our commitment to the principles of SDG 10 and SDG 5 is reflected in the ongoing work of the Diversity and Equality Committee. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and equality, Aegean College aims to create an environment where all individuals, regardless of their background or identity, can thrive and contribute to our community.

Η Αλεξάνδρα Σταματοπούλου στο πρόγραμμα Εργ

Alexandra Stamatopoulou in the occupational therapy programme

The Paralympic bronze medalist in Tokyo 2020, Alexandra Stamatopoulou became an undergraduate Occupational Therapy student at Aegean College.

Link here.

Athens Alzheimer Association for people with dementia

Athens Alzheimer Association for people with dementia

Aegean College in collaboration with the non-profit organization Athens Alzheimer Association organized free training and learning seminars for caregivers of people with dementia in 2022.

For the first time since the pandemic, the institution of “Caregivers School” was organized via a three day event at Aegean College.

Paraskevi Sakka, president of Alzheimer Association and president of the Greek National Observatory for Dementia – Alzheimer, opened the three day event on Wednesday, 18th of May with the topic of “Dementia, forms of dementia, clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment”. The same day, neurologist Kynthia Kondyli examined the topic of “Alzheimer’s disease, prevention, risk factors, protective factors”. On Monday, 25th of May, Costis Prouskas, Psychologist, Doctor of Gerontology and director of Aktios Elderly Care Units, gave his speech on “Practical issues of care, behaviour and communication with people with dementia” followed by Kostas Nikolaou, psychologist of the Neurodegenerative Brain Diseases Department at Hygeia Hospital, who spoke about “Understanding and addressing problematic behaviours in people with dementia”.
The seminars were completed on Wednesday, 1st of June with three more interesting speeches.

Nikoletta Geronikola, MSc, neuropsychologist, moderator of the Day Care Center Marousi, analysed the “Psychosocial Interventions on people with dementia and their carers”. Social worker, Irini Vamvakari, MSc, gave a speech on the topic of “Services for people with dementia and their carers”. Finally, lawyer Giannis Bilianis talked about “Dementia: Rights, Ethical & Legal Issues”

Link Here.

Students of the occupational therapy VS amputee football Hellas

Students of the occupational therapy VS amputee football Hellas

The students of the Occupational Therapy Department of Aegean College participated in a friendly football match with the National Amputee Football Hellas Team, on Wednesday 1st December 2021, on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities, on December 3rd.

It was a unique experience that provided Aegean College students with the opportunity to play football with one of the Country’s national Teams!

The match was held in the presence of Dr. Spei, Academic Head of the Occupational Therapy Programme.

Link here.

Aegean College is deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, recognizing the importance of providing targeted support to students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented groups. We have implemented a range of mentoring, counseling, and peer support programmes to ensure that individuals from diverse backgrounds feel supported and have equal opportunities for success. Aegean College’s initiatives include:

Mentoring Programmes

We have established mentoring programmes that pair students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented groups with experienced mentors. These mentorship relationships aim to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights to help mentees navigate academic and professional challenges.

Counseling Services
The college offers counseling services that are sensitive to the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals from underrepresented groups.

Qualified counselors are available to provide emotional support, career guidance, and assistance in overcoming barriers to success.

Peer Support Networks
Peer support networks have been created to facilitate connections among individuals from underrepresented groups.

These networks provide a platform for sharing experiences, fostering a sense of community, and offering practical advice for academic and personal development.

Professional Development Opportunities
Specialized professional development programmes are offered to support the career growth and advancement of individuals from underrepresented groups. Workshops, seminars, and networking events are organized to enhance skills, build networks, and promote inclusivity in various academic and professional fields.

Diversity and Inclusion Training
The college conducts diversity and inclusion training programmes for faculty, staff, and students to raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity. These programmes aim to create a supportive and respectful environment for everyone on campus.

Continuous Evaluation and Enhancement
We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our mentoring, counseling, and peer support initiatives through feedback mechanisms and assessments. This ongoing evaluation allows us to adapt and enhance our programmes to better meet the evolving needs of individuals from underrepresented groups.

By implementing these mentoring, counseling, and peer support programmes, Aegean College is actively contributing to the goals of SDG 5, fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment that promotes the success and well-being of all members of our community.

Aegean College is committed to providing accessible facilities for people with disabilities in alignment with SDG 10.6.7. We recognize the importance of creating an inclusive environment that allows individuals with disabilities to fully participate in all aspects of college life. Our commitment to accessible facilities encompasses various areas across branches.

Physical Accessibility: Aegean College has invested in infrastructure to ensure physical accessibility for individuals with disabilities. This includes ramps, elevators, and accessible pathways to facilitate easy movement across Aegean College sites facilities.

All buildings, classrooms, and common areas are designed to meet accessibility standards, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to navigate facilities in Aegean College buildings.

Accessible Restrooms and Facilities
We have designated accessible restrooms equipped with features to accommodate individuals with different mobility needs. Facilities, such as libraries, eating areas, and recreational spaces, are designed to be inclusive and accessible to all members of the college community.

Adaptive Technology Centers
Aegean College has established adaptive technology centers equipped with tools and resources to support students and staff with disabilities. These centers provide a conducive environment for learning and working.

Communication Access

We ensure that communication is accessible to individuals with various disabilities. This includes providing scribes, captioning for audiovisual materials, and other communication aids as needed.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

Aegean College has developed and communicated clear emergency evacuation plans that consider the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. Evacuation routes, assembly points, and communication methods during emergencies are designed to be inclusive and accessible.

Regular Audits and Improvements

We conduct regular accessibility audits of our facilities to identify areas for improvement. Feedback from the disability community is actively sought to ensure that our facilities remain responsive to evolving needs.

Training for Staff and Students

Faculty, staff, and students receive training on disability awareness and accessibility. This fosters a culture of inclusion and ensures that everyone plays a role in maintaining accessible facilities

By providing accessible facilities, Aegean College is actively contributing to SDG 10.6.7, striving to create a barrier-free environment that promotes equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities in all aspects of college life.

Aegean College is committed to providing comprehensive support services for individuals with disabilities to facilitate their full and equal participation in all aspects of college life. This commitment aligns with the specific target 10.6.8 of SDG 10. We recognize the importance of offering personalized support to address the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Aegean College’s support services for people with disabilities include:

Communication Support

Communication support services, such as real-time captioning or note-taking assistance, are also provided to ensure that information is accessible to all.

Accessible Transportation

The college offers accessible transportation services for students and staff with mobility challenges. This includes wheelchair- accessible vehicles and transportation options that cater to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities.

Assistive Technology Training

We offer training programmes to familiarize individuals with disabilities with assistive technologies that can enhance their academic and workplace experiences. This includes training on the use of screen readers, voice recognition software, and other adaptive technologies.

Accessible Information and Communication Materials

All college materials, including course materials, event announcements, and official communications, are provided in accessible formats.

This ensures that individuals with disabilities can independently access and engage with information relevant to their academic and extracurricular activities.

Collaboration with Disability Services Office

Our Disability Services Office works closely with individuals with disabilities to assess their unique needs and coordinate the provision of appropriate support services.

This collaborative approach ensures that support services are tailored to individual requirements.

Aegean College is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for all individuals, including those with disabilities. We have implemented comprehensive access schemes to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities to access and participate in all aspects of college life. Our commitment to inclusivity aligns with the principles of SDG 10. Aegean College’s access schemes for people with disabilities include:

Accessible Infrastructure
We have invested in creating physically accessible facilities, ensuring that buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and common areas are designed to accommodate individuals with various types of disabilities.

Facilities such as ramps, elevators, accessible restrooms, are available to enhance the mobility of individuals with physical disabilities.

Assistive Technologies and Resources
Aegean College provides a range of assistive technologies and resources to support students and staff with disabilities in their academic and work-related activities.

This includes screen readers, speech-to-text software, adaptive keyboards, and other assistive devices tailored to individual needs.

Alternative Learning Formats
We offer alternative learning formats for individuals with disabilities, such as providing lecture materials in accessible electronic formats, offering sign language interpreters, and facilitating note-taking services.

Flexible Academic Accommodations
The college has established a disability services office that collaborates with students and staff to develop personalized accommodation plans based on their unique needs. Accommodations may include extended exam times, flexible assignment deadlines, and other adjustments to ensure a level playing field for individuals with disabilities.

Awareness and Training Programmes
We conduct awareness and training programmes for faculty, staff, and students to promote understanding and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. These programmes aim to reduce stigma, foster a supportive community, and ensure that everyone is aware of the available resources and accommodations.

Regular Review and Improvement
Aegean College regularly reviews its accessibility policies and practices, seeking feedback from the disability community to identify areas for improvement.

This ongoing commitment to improvement ensures that our institution remains responsive to the evolving needs of individuals with disabilities.

Workshop for people with disabilities

The International Day of People with Disabilities was established in 1992 by the UN General Assembly and is celebrated every year on 3 December.

On the occasion of this day, a disability awareness workshop was successfully held for the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy students. The workshop included a series of experiential activities such as simulation of motor disabilities, visual impairment, sensory impairment, and communication in sign language and Braille.

Link Here.

Aegean College is committed to promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities for all, including persons with disabilities. We have implemented a comprehensive reasonable accommodation policy/strategy that ensures the provision of necessary support and adjustments to create an inclusive and accessible environment. This policy is underpinned by a well-funded mechanism dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. Key components of our reasonable accommodation policy/strategy include:

Individualized Accommodation Plans
Aegean College has established a formal process for developing individualized accommodation plans in consultation with persons with disabilities. These plans take into account the specific needs and requirements of each individual, ensuring that appropriate accommodation is provided.

Centralized Disability Services Office
We have a dedicated Disability Services Office that serves as a central hub for coordinating accommodation and support services.

Assistive Technologies and Resources
The policy includes provisions for the procurement and maintenance of a range of assistive technologies and resources to enhance accessibility.

Training and Sensitization Programmes
The college conducts regular training programmes to sensitize faculty, staff, and students to the importance of reasonable accommodations and inclusive practices. These programmes aim to create a supportive and understanding campus community that actively contributes to the success of individuals with disabilities.

Periodic Review and Improvement
Aegean College conducts periodic reviews of its reasonable accommodation policy/strategy to assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Feedback from the disability community is actively sought to ensure continuous enhancement of the policy in response to evolving needs.

Our commitment to a well-funded reasonable accommodation policy/strategy aligns with the objectives of SDG 10.6.10, contributing to the broader goal of fostering inclusive societies that leave no one behind.

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