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Seminar for Women's Support

by the NGO W.I.N. HELLAS

W.I.N. HELLAS on how to support Women around the world

The seminar entitled: “Stand Up” was held at Aegean College in Athens in December 2022, by the Non-Governmental Organization W.I.N. HELLAS (Women in Need Hellas).

W.I.N. HELLAS (Women in Need Hellas) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering women and fostering gender equality. Through community engagement, education, and advocacy, W.I.N. HELLAS strives to create a world where women can reach their full potential. W.I.N. HELLAS believes in creating a world where women can thrive, breaking barriers and achieving their full potential. The organization focuses on fostering a supportive community, providing resources, and organizing events that promote gender equality, education, and empowerment. Aegean College Students but also women from the wider community found the event useful, informative, and educating.

The aim was to inform and empower a wider group of people with different living conditions, which will encourage to stand up and feel safe in case they are harassed in a public place or witness a similar incident.

At Aegean College we believe everyone is entitled to education, which can contribute to enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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