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An excellent review for Occupational Therapy from the WFOT

Key notes to our Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy

Our WFOT review!

The BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy (Applied) Aegean College offers in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University achieved an excellent review by the  World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

WFOT is the global voice for occupational therapy and sets the standard for its practice. It is a global network of 101 member organisations, representing 580,000 occupational therapists.

They set the standard for occupational therapy practice internationally and promote excellence through research and education.

As a worldwide body they represent the profession in its role of improving world health and wellbeing.

Key WFOT notes on Aegean College Occupational Therapy undergraduate programme
  • The philosophy and purpose of the program are well-defined and fit into a global perspective of Occupational Therapy programs worldwide.
  • The philosophy of the program reflects current and predicted welfare needs, occupations, systems and priorities of the program.
  • Educational, assessment and clinical supervision methods are well described, in line with current active teaching / learning methodologies, as well as practice-based learning.
  • The number of hours of clinical education exceeds 1000 and the contexts of practice are diversified.
  • Availability of physical spaces, equipment and electronic resources, adequate to support learning [Physical building, Specialized PT/OT Laboratory, E-Portal virtual learning environment, Online resource to turn in assignments].
  • The curriculum structure is well-constructed, responding to the key challenges of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a future occupational therapist.
  • The alignment of Aegean Omiros College with Canterbury Christ Church University quality and curricular change policies is explicit.
A great programme with an international perspective

“The team at Aegean-Omiros College (AOC) in Greece must be commended for putting together a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the local needs, but with an international flair” says WFOT.

According to the WFOT the Aegean College-CCCU OT programme “demonstrates great breadth and depth overall, with great focus on local context. The programme learning outcomes and modules demonstrate a clear focus on occupation. The graduates should be able to address the occupational needs of individuals, groups, communities or populations as reflected in the course content, placements, critical reflection, seminars etc”.

“Educational program is holistic, covers a broad range of learning outcomes and has multiple settings for experience. The knowledge, skills and attitudes of graduates
aim to breed leaders, critical thinkers and scientific practitioners”.

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