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Aegean Research Center

Aegean Research Center

Aegean College consists of an innovative academic community with the groundbreaking Scientific Center (ARC).

ARC has priority over promoting scientific knowledge and contributing to the development of the Greek Academic community with its highly qualified personnel and scientific collaborations of Aegean College.

ARC is innovative with scientific research published in celebrated scientific magazines. It is internationally acclaimed and thus attracts renowned professors and scientists. It also encourages students to familiarize themselves with the academic environment and the latest scientific and technological developments.

Within this framework, ARC offers seminars and speeches by prominent Greek and international members of the scientific and academic community who address not only students but a wide audience as well.

Aegean Research Center aspires to succeed in the transition from the laboratories and auditoriums to the real life-through dissemination of scientific knowledge-having as its ultimate goal to give back to society as a whole.

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